We are dedicated to breeding quality free range animals in a low stress, low input, grassed environment and we believe that our pork has a superior quality and taste due to the way we raise our animals. We love our pigs and we love the pork they produce. We ensure each animal has lived a happy life, feeling the rain and sun on their backs but protected from harsh elements from the shelter of trees and straw huts. This natural rearing and diverse diet from being able to root and forage from the paddocks ensures a full flavoured juicy pork.

Our pigs can be found on the Murray River Clay Flats just east of Barham. We rotate the pigs between the paddocks so that our soil benefits from fertilisation, aeration, grazing and weed control. This keeps our soil and our pigs healthy. We also feed our pigs a varied diet of  locally sourced lupins, wheat, barley, lucerne and nuts. We are also lucky to have our friends at Barham Avocados who supply us with the most rich and delicious avocado seconds, citrus peel from the local packing shed and vegetables from a Barham vegetable farm. Pigs also eat a lot of dirt! This is where they get a lot of their Iron and vitamins from and we believe that the high mineral content of clay in our soil at Barham influences the flavour of the pork. We believe that all these factors combined make our pork a little bit unique.

We do not use any hormones, antibiotics and other nasties on the farm, and we do not inject our pork with water or anything else… We farm our pigs using environmentally sustainable methods so you get only the good natural stuff.

Contact: Lauren & Lachlan Mathers. “Bundarra” 929 East Barham Road Barham NSW 2732

http://bundarraberkshires.com email lauren@bundarraberkshires.com

(03)54532392 (m)0458 532 333

Farm open by appointment only.


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